Change from http to https doesn't update media links

Every time I switch from http to https, the images and media files never update to https. They are stuck with the http protocol. I’ve endured that DB options table is correct with https, cleared BB cache, cleared hosting cache, cleared browser cache, cleared everything. But the update to https never happens.

The only solution I’ve found is to go back into each page or post, and manually swap out each and every image/file. This seems highly unproductive, and I’m seeing others are having issues with this in the community. Is there a fix in place for this?

How did you update the links ?
The link below is to a plugin I use - you have to be aware that doing a simple search replace does not work, a good tool like this does serialized search/replace.

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I updated the links in wp_options table. And when I go to edit an element, the media library is correct - it is showing https - but it still publishes as http.

The search and replace script I use is . But that’s not the point really. Shouldn’t this be default Beaver Builder behavior? If the wp_options table is changed to https, shouldn’t all non-hardcoded media links also update to https?

I have used that tool previous to using Better Search Replace - I would test a few links to ensure it all worked OK (probably not as you are experiencing issues!).
Can you link your site so I can look more closely ?
Late in my TZ, but will look in the morning.

It’s not an isolated incident Dave - happens any time we switch to https on beaver builder sites. I’ve since manually updated links to https on the site in question, so I don’t have a link to provide.


This isn’t related to Beaver Builder, but WordPress. WordPress saves the full URL as does Beaver Builder. You can either manually update them like you said or a simpler solution is to use search and replace. I recommend the one in the link below.

Thanks for sharing! I don’t know much about this. You may refer any protocol guide to get more information about this. Looking for some more responses.

There’s a lot of public information on the internet for this kind of changes, just ask Google. :wink:
A good one here for instance:
If you don’t feel comfortable with this, you could ask your hosting provider maybe?

There is a plugin which forcefully changes all http pages to https once you get installed it. you can use that.