Change Heading Color not working correctly


When I go to heading text > Heading Settings > style > text color & change the color it doesn’t work.

The only way to change the color for the heading is to go to:

Column Settings > Style - Text Color.

Should the text color should work in the Heading Settings section or am I wrong? If so, this is a bit confusing.

When I then publish changes, the text color goes back to white in the page. If I open page in a new tab, the color change is visible.

On the refreshed page (showing color change) when I click on Page Builder in top Admin menu, the text color appear white again (ie. not WYSIWYG).

If I change the color again (to a different color) and save, when I publish changes it shows me old color. Only way to see new color change is with a page refresh.

Just wondering why this is happening for me.

  • Also if creating a link, is there a way to customise/change the rollover color for a link?


(Using Developer Version 1.4.1)

Hi Dennis,

It seems you might have the row text color or column text color overriding the module text color.

This quick screencast demonstrates what I mean and how to fix it:

As for the rollover color of the link, that is controlled at the theme level. If you’re using the Beaver Builder theme it’s going to be the Accent color selected in the Design section of the Beaver Builder theme settings. If you’re not using the Beaver Builder theme, it should be an option in your theme settings.

If you want to make it a completely different color, then creating a custom css class would be your best option.

I hope that helps,


Hi Colin,

Thanks so much for your explainer video, and I appreciate the time you gave to do this for me.

I think I may have found the problem (and this is something that will confuse the complete newbie, so it may be an idea/suggestion if the Beaver Team consider changing this in future updates)

When you start with a template layout (i.e. Minim) then try to change the color of the text of the Heading “Let’s Get Down to Business” - it doesn’t work if you go to Heading Settings > Style > change color.

This is because the color has been set in Row Settings to White. For someone who is completely new to this, it would be their first stumbling block.

I can understand why it was initially done in the Row settings as it’s quicker and easier, but it had me stumped and I’m not a newbie at WordPress.

I love what the Beaver team are doing. I also feel that as little friction as possible should be there for someone coming to the builder for the first time.


Thanks for the feedback, Dennis, we’ll certainly take that into consideration.