Change multiple pages in one place


I’m super new to Beaver Builder, and I love it already!

I have a ‘best practice’ question: what is the recommended way to have multiple pages share a same template? Goal is when I change the template all the pages change.

I’ve tried to save a custom template, then I’ve applied it to a second page. But when I go on the first page and to Templates>Custom>Edit and change a background color, the second page is not affected :frowning:

Hi Vincent,

Glad to hear you like it! There’s currently no way to apply changes to the custom templates to all of the pages you have applied it to. Sorry about that! I think the best alternative for you is to edit the custom template and re-apply it to the pages you’re using it or edit the pages individually.


OK, I don’t have too much pages, but it would be very handy, for instance for multi-lingual websites.

Hi Vincent,

I agree, sounds like something that would be handy in certain situations. If you want, you can put that up on User Voice. We would love to hear your suggestions!