Changes do not Save

BB has been working well on a new site I am building. However, on one page, BB will not save my changes. I have a page with 4 text modules. When I open any of the text modules and make a simple text change and click Save my change will appear on the page. However, if I return to the same text module the change is not there. Also if I was to Done / Publish Changes the change will not be there.

If I open a module and then click “Cancel” I am taken to a blank white page that has only this code <a class=“mailto-link” [email protected]

On other pages when I click Cancel I simply return to the editor.

I made a duplicate of the page (Tools > Duplicate) and it created a page where all the content was in one text module, rather than 4. On this duplicate page I could make changes that would save.

I tested with all plugins disabled. I increased WP memory to 150MB.
Problem does not exist on other pages, although no other page has 4 text modules (one other page has 2 modules).

Using Firefox 38.0.5.

Hey Jeff,

Thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear about this problem. Do you mind sharing temp admin access to the site so we can check? You can use the private reply option below.


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Hey Jeff,

The problem is caused by the Email Encoder Bundle - Protect Email Address plugin. It’s only happening on that page since that is the only page having a mailto link. I have disabled the said plugin and the page works just fine(it may have a few styling issues since I played around it for a bit).

Hope this helps!


Thanks Ben! Sorry to trouble you. I had disabled plugins so I’m not sure how I didn’t catch that. Anyway, it’s working great now.

Hey Jeff,

No worries! That’s what we’re here for! Enjoy The Beaver! :slight_smile:


Would like to validate conflict with the plugin,
Email Encoder Bundle - Protect Email Address Version 1.4.1 | By Victor Villaverde Laan

Multisite WP installation, Agency Version BB, in Chrome browser only… page hangs when you cancel out of an edit without saving. Changes save just fine. It’s only when canceling an edit box does the site hang.

Disabled plugin, problem resolved.

Hey DJ,

Sorry but that plugin uses the document.write function which isn’t compatible with BB. More information can be found here -


Hey Jeff and DJ,

We just got an email from the author of the Email Encoder Bundle and the issue has been resolved on his end. You should be able to use Email Encoder Bundle and Beaver Builder now.

Good to know! Thanks. That’s a handy plugin to use.

Thank you Robby.