Changes not reflecting on published page, links not redirecting properly

Hi all - not a web developer, so bear with me. Attempting to assist a client with a landing page and running into difficulties using a template. Page was built from scratch (not duplicated). Hoping you could help troubleshoot; we use Wordpress through GoDaddy w/ the free version of BB.

So, when I go into edit, the page reflects properly - when I update changes, it reverts back (sometimes with small updates, sometimes without). I’ve cleared BB’s cache, Wordpress’s cache, all three of my browser caches, and tried on a laptop.

It reflected properly once, me having done nothing unique - then I realized the links were broken (“” rather than redirecting to the register page, so I started troubleshooting those, and everything broke again. :pensive:

Page in question is: About - Life Science Women's Conference
The page looks like this in the preview:

Any ideas? I’m hoping this is me being inexperienced and I’m overlooking something simple. Thanks so much.

I dont see any register links on that page but it does like you added a relative link instead of absolute, so the browser is just doing what you asked.

Ah, duh! Thank you. That took care of the links. I think I had been too close to it for too long. :pensive: Hoping the ‘changes not reflecting/css breaking’ solution is as simple as that, too…