Changing Contact form

Dear Beaverbuilder,

I am from the Netherlands and need to change the contact form.
I want to change “Your name” to Dutch and also “Your message”.
How can i fix that?

Dear regrets

Hi Ismail! I believe we have someone working on a Dutch translation right now. Hopefully it will be available soon. We do our best to announce new translations on our Twitter, blog, and newsletter so you can tune into any of those channels to get a notification when it’s available!

Thank you very much! A fully translation isn’t so important for me, but the function to change the text in some “standard” module’s wil help foreigners a lot!

Thank you for you quick answer, beaverbuild has the greatest customer service i have ever experienced! Thumbs up for that :)!

Thanks Ismail! Another option would be to override the contact form module in your theme, then change the strings manually in the code. How comfortable are you with editing PHP files?

If you make a folder in your theme called modules, then copy/paste the contact form module bb-plugin/modules/contact-form into the modules folder in your the new modules folder, you can edit the code and it won’t get overwritten on updates. Let me know if you need some help with that, we’d be happy to elaborate. :slight_smile:

Hi Beaver Builder

I would be very happy to receive some help changing the element in contact form to Danish

Or is there an easy way to do it?



Hey Troels,

Check out Robby’s response above on how to do what you are looking to do. If you need further assistance, let us know!


Hi, it was easy to edit php file and everything is now in my language. The only problem is it goes away with updates. Can you please explain more in detail, how to avoid changing with updates? Where I have to make a new folder and how to name it?

Hi Pärt! You can override the default modules in your theme and edit them there. You’re right, you don’t want to edit the plugin’s core files because your changes will get overwritten. We have documentation on how to override the core modules in your theme here:

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Which part of the PHP code am I supposed to modify if I want to change the “Name” field and the text in the box that says “Your name” for example?

Hey Gustav,

If you want to override the modules, you’ll need to edit the /bb-plugin/modules/contact-form/includes/frontend.php file. If you want, we can actually just use gettext to translate those texts. :slight_smile: