Changing fonts, sizes, colors in individual rows on individual pages

I have spent the day “playing” on my website, and have learned a lot of things about WP and BB on my own. I can see how to use the customizer to globally change fonts, colors, and sizes. But I have not found a way to do it in individual rows on individual pages.

I have a page. I go into Page Builder. I add a Row. I put a text editor inside it. I add some text. Now, how do I change fonts, colors, and sizes to be different from what is contained in the settings I created in customizer?

Nobody answered my question, but I found the answer on my own. If I go into the text editor and click on the “text” tab, I am able to insert html code. I just used my old Microsoft FrontPage program to create a page with 3 lines of text, each line being a different font, color, and size. Next, I copied and pasted the code into the text editor of BB. It worked perfectly.

Learning more each day.

Hey Douglas,

Using the Text Editor module, you should be able to just change the font sizes and colors easily. You’ll first have to expand the toolbar by hitting the rightmost part icon. Then you’ll have additional buttons for sizes and colors, the latter being the button with the letter A on it. Check the screenshot for reference.

Your method would be the only way to change the font-family itself. We don’t allow for variations of fonts throughout the site since you’ll most definitely want to use a single one for uniformity. :slight_smile:



I have a plugin called ‘use any font’ installed and one effect it has is to allow the very changes you’re after when opening a text editor.

Thanks for sharing, Martyn! :slight_smile: