Changing individual fonts...

Hi, I’m a beginner so the plug-in helps a lot, thanks. I was wondering if I could change fonts on each specific part. I know in the customizer you can change them, but for example, I’d like my header to be a certain font when you first visit the site, but as you scroll down I’d like a different font for other text on the same page which are also considered “headers.” I’d love to have more control over the font of each text box throughout the site, thanks.

Hey Saajid,

Welcome to the BB forums! Unfortunately, there are no settings to do that either in the theme or the plugin. The only way to achieve that is via custom CSS. You can place a class in each row/column/module under Advanced then you can change the font using the CSS snippet below(in this example, font1 is the class name used).

.font1 {
  font-family: Verdana;

Hope this helps!