Changing page content on User click (select) a post

Hi Guys,

Could you help me with how to start building the following idea:

I’m showing on a page a CPT with 3 columns: Title, description and a button.

This page has 2 columns: One for the loop(above) and other with the content from the selection of posts(button click)

I want when user click this button the content of selected row (post id) goes to the second column with the post selections without reload the page.

Do you know how to startit? Or where I find solutions for it?

Thank you


If I understand correctly, you would want to add a unique ID to each module for the content below the loop section you refer to and for each button suffix the ID to the URL of that page.

E.g. `

See this article for more information.

Hi Danny,

Its a bit different:

I have to build a (cart of posts). A page will show 1k posts from a category for example.

A user will select posts clicking on buttom that will be displayed on each row .

The user can select a lot of posts(that, I will store in cookies or database table for example). And this selection will be displayed on a column .

I’m thinking to use ajax to restore this selection list on this second column. This column should be populated as user select the posts.

Thank you for your time.