Changing space between paragraph in posts


I am trying to change the spacing between the paragraphs, but only for the “posts” section.

Is this possible?

I used this and it worked

p {margin-bottom:1.8em}

But it also changed the paragraphs through the whole site. I want to only change the paragraph spacing in the posts to 1.8.

Hi @WillRod,

Try this:
.single-post p {margin-bottom:1.8em}

It’s supposed to apply the CSS rule to Posts only, given they have this specific .single-post class on their <body> HTML tag.

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Thanks a bunch, that worked!!!

FYI this worked too, but I am going to use yours since I am not sure what else it affects:

.fl-module-content.fl-node-content p {
margin-bottom: 1.8em;

Hi @WillRod

The CSS you linked will affect all modules which use p tags whereas @avanti CSS will only affect single posts. :slight_smile:

When you say the Post section, are you referring to the Post module?

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I really just meant paragraph spacing for all posts, but not pages. So his code worked perfect. Thanks for clarifying, still just a beginner :slightly_smiling_face: