Choosing between Post Carousel, Slider, Grid, or Gallery

I want to create a row with four images displayed side-by-side with the option to create space in between each image, each image being linked to a specific post, with the kind of fading background/text found in post gallery.

Post gallery doesn’t display the full image nor give me the ability to put a space between each image, which is fine, but I want to find a solution similar to it that might work. Ideally, I would like to have more than four images to scroll through, but I only want four displayed across the front at a time.

I am new to BB today, (yay!), and I bought this program most specifically for this design element.

To give you an idea of what I’m going for, check out this website and see the post images with pop up transparent links.

Here is the link to my website. I haven’t officially published it yet, so I’m not sure how that works as far as your access to it.

Thank-you so very much for your help!

Hi Melanee,

The Post Carousel can include a space between each image and will display a thumbnail of the full image.

I have quickly added the Post Carousel to my page and selected the Gallery option. This is the result -

Also, I am unable to access your site, as it is behind a coming soon plugin.