Circle crop blurs image for retina display


I have checked that when I circle crop an image element (or callout element with an image) the image is not well seen in retina displays (my mobile is retina display, I dont know in other mobile displays not retina).

I give you an example:
They are the same image. I selected the medium size of the image (300x200) in both elements. In left side image I select Crop -> Circle. In right side image I select Crop ->None.

If you see in retina display and compare both images, the upper one is blurred.

To enter in the web:
user: congru203
pass: hq9tTxoW

How can I solve this issue? Is it a bug?

Hey Fernando,

Can you install the plugin WP Retina 2x and see if that fixes it? I’d recommend the plugin if you’re optimizing your site for retina displays. :slight_smile: