Client costs if they don't like me

Look…almost embarrassed to ask this as a newbie. However, if I build a site for a client using BB BThemer and Astra and host on my own managed server…what happens if they elect to go elsewhere? Will everything still work on my license or do they have to buy themer and use the free version of BB and Astra. If I’ve built some page components with themer will they need themer installed for these elements to display correctly? This is a really basic question but can’t find the answer anywhere. Can’t be the first person to have asked this…can I?

depends on the license you have. I have the agency license so as long as I pay for that it will work on websites fine.

I have never had a client move off my hosting so far and I have been doing it longer than I care to remember.

Thanks for the help. I hoped that was the case. Yes, I have agency licenses so should all be good.
Thanks again.

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