CloudFlare's Rocket Loader breaking BB Page Builder Text Editor

Hi, I have been spending hours trying to figure why my text editor wasn’t loading, and finally backtracked through a few posts to the Rocket Loader feature in Cloudflare. I then searched the forums for “Rocketloader” and found more posts that confirmed the problem.

I’m quite happy to turn Rocket loader off as it IS still in BETA. I also think it’s a bit rough blaming BB for Rocket loader beta problems!

Development mode doesn’t help so I thought that a couple of Page rules in Cloudflare might and according to this article, it should.

I don’t think the <script data-cfasync=“false” src="/javascript.js"></script> attribute is an option UNLESS you (BB) put it in your code (assuming that it works).

However, I was wondering if you might have a definitive list of files or directories the could be set up in Cloudflare page rules to exclude applying RocketLoader to? That way people that HAVE to use RocketLoader could still benefit without the incumbent issues of the beta CF feature.


Hey Tim,

Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

I’ve already assigned someone from the team to assist you with your concern.


Cool Ben, thanks. I’m not in a panic over it. I framed the question to maybe find a workaround for people that want it. If I have to make a choice I know what I’ll go for. (BB) :slight_smile:

Any update to this with possible url patterns. I’ve tried a few and can’t get more than a per page solution.

Hi Timothy,

Unfortunately, their RocketLoad feature can interfere with BeaverBuilder. While you’re actively developing your site with Beaver Builder, it’s recommended to disable RocketLoad. You can always turn it back on after you’ve finished building your pages with Beaver Builder.