Column bug with new plugin update

Hello, I’m reporting a bug but haven’t done extensive testing.

  1. I cloned a page I made with bb using the “duplicate post” plugin
  2. running genesis/dwb
  3. When editing an img element in an html module in a column (with 3 columns in the row), the column content disappeared entirely in firefox front-end. I then opened the builder to edit and could not access the column - it was displaying a blank where the content/edit features should have been. I had to delete the row and recreate the column to have it work.
  4. On a different column in Chrome, I noticed a broken image in a random area of the page. In firebug I noticed it was referencing an image from the page I duplicated and replaced with an new image. The new image is showing correctly. I went to edit the page and couldn’t find any trace of the old image as I simply changed the href in the html module to include the new image. I deleted the html module from the column and the same issue as in (3) happened. The column disappeared entirely and a blank space replaced it. I had to again move all of my content into another row to resolve the issue.
  5. I build/edit using the plugin in firefox exclusively

I didn’t notice any js errors at the time but I didn’t look at the console.

Hey Josh,

Thanks for posting! Can you recreate the issue every time? Is there a reason you were using an HTML module for an image? Just asking since HTML modules are most likely to cause issues. Is the same problem happening when you use our duplicate page option?


Hi Ben, I haven’t tried to recreate the issue again, but I will once I create another page. I’ll try duplicating with the clone plugin as well as the bb tool.

From what I can see I can’t set image widths with the bb plugin? This is the only reason, it appears like I’m stuck with the predefined image widths or original size which is very annoying when developing.

Hey Josh,

You can add a predefined image size in WP and it gets registered to the Photo module. You can check the thread below.

Let us know the result of your tests! :slight_smile:


Hi Ben, thanks for the resource! But I use a lot of images, it doesn’t seem too practical to create a custom size for each one of them. Is there a reason why bb doesn’t allow you to change the width/height within the plugin? This seems like basic functionality but maybe I’m missing something

Hey Josh,

I see what you mean. If you think the Photo module needs that functionality, feel free to add that as a feature request on our User Voice Forums. :slight_smile:


Thanks Ben, I’ll do that :slight_smile:

Hi Ben, it’s not just the photo module - it appears to be a generic issue with columns and html. I had an html structure like this within the html module:


The whole row became unusable and I couldn’t even access individual columns to edit the content. Everything just started bugging out. I don’t have the time to replicate/test now - but I think you guys should look into it because it makes the plugin a terror to use when this happens.

Getting this js error:

TypeError: data.sibling[0] is undefined
Line 3000

Thanks, I’ll let you know if I discover anything more useful

After deleting the entire glitchy row, the majority of my content underneath it (about 11 rows) are not editable - when I hover over them nothing happens - so I can’t edit the row/content/columns.

Not sure what to do about this one but the page is unresponsive. I don’t want to mess anything more up, so I’ll wait to see if you guys come up with anything.

Thanks Ben

Hey Josh,

Using the HTML module indeed causes issues like that because of the builder’s live preview. What’s happening is when you place the opening table tag, it immediately considers the rest of the content part of the table, breaking the layout of the builder. Same problem happens when using divs inside the HTML module. The guys are already aware of this and will be looking for a solution. For now, you can create your HTML outside the builder then paste it to the module once done, making sure there are no unclosed tags. Sorry I don’t have a better answer.


Do you mind sharing temp admin access so we can check?


Update: After deleting the glitchy html row, saving, and reopening the builder, the rows below are editable. I’ll keep updating on strange behavior as it happens, maybe it’ll help figure out what the root issue is

Awesome news, Josh, thanks for letting us know and sounds good!


Sorry guys, the page wasn’t refreshing once your messages were sent, so I didn’t even see these messages until now. I’ll try to copy the html and paste it in, but the table was actually copied and pasted that way. Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on it and hopefully we can get this issue resolved with another release