Columns do not publish on my homepage in UDESIGN.

I added a blank homepage template to my UDESIGN theme in page I created called home.

The picture module works but the columns do not publish.

Any suggestions?

Langley Holland

I put a row with the text editor underneath the middle row with red fill and it published. For some reason the columns are not publishing???

the photos will not publish inside a column inside a row as a background photo

Hi Jeanne,

Sorry to hear! We would be happy to take a look if you like. Can you please provide temp admin access via the private reply option below?


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Hey Jeanne,

That’s because you’ve placed those images as background images for columns without content. You can add padding to those columns under the Advanced tab so make them visible. If you want to add an image, best use our Photo module.

Hope this helps!



I added the padding and the images are still not showing up. I may not be understanding your instructions. Can you complete the necessary changes so they show up and I can look at your settings.

Also, the color picker is not saving colors.

Hey Jeanne,

I just did. You may need to hit the Flush Cache on the top admin bar. Sometimes you get a cached page where you can’t see the changes you just did.