Columns inside columns


I am trying to convert to WordPress using Beaver Builder. But I am having trouble with the mid section.

It appears I need to create columns inside columns

Do you have any suggestions other than custom html (cause it defeats the purpose).

Hi Christopher! I hate to say it, but Beaver Builder doesn’t support nested columns at this point. I’m afraid you would need to use some custom HTML to get that exact design. Thanks for the feedback, though. We definitely want Beaver Builder to be able to create this style layout.

Understood. Hopefully this can be added sometime in the near future.
Normally, I can get around this but it would be useful in a number of situations.

Hi - When can we expect nest columns?

Thank you

This will be a major boon for BB as so far this is its only short-coming that I can see so far.

Just loving the new features and feel of BB.

I’ve been using VC for years with my framework and we all know what happened to them recently, but you can nest cols within rows which does give more flexibility from a design point of view.

Can’t wait till that is possible in BB.
I’ve tried using a few shortcode plugins to run cols and that worked with Intense which was also part of my framework.
I’ve tried Shortcodes Ultimate and it doesn’t want to play nice with BB which is a shame, but I’m sure someone will come up with a way round it.

The support and community here is second to none and everyone is really friendly and prepared to go the extra mile - as was mentioned on the FB group earlier today.

BB is definitely a game changer - an industry changer in fact!

Keep up the excellent work guys - we really appreciate your work.

Keep up the

Awe, thanks Mark! That’s really nice to hear. We really appreciate the support.

@Dainis, I am sorry, but we don’t have an ETA. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t count on it being available anytime soon.

I’m using BB on my first real project, and already stumbled onto this limitation. I will have to use custom html/css to build the layout needed, and that won’t be easy for the client to edit (trying to give them saved modules etc.)

Do you have any feature roadmap or feature request / voting area? I’d definitely give a high portion of my votes to this one.

Hey Justin,

We already have a feature request for that though and it seems the guys are looking into it. If you still want to vote for it, check the link below. :slight_smile: