columns on mobile

is there any way to force BB to display the columns on tablets or mobiles?

Hey Eduardo,

You can adjust mobile settings for any module, row or column in the settings. Each column has a settings tab to where you can access the mobile options. By default, they should show, but perhaps you could clarify a bit more on what you are experiencing? A link to the site would be great as well so I can take a look.


The case is:
I got a page with 3 columns, if i see it on tablet or mobile, i will see just 1 column, thats by default with BB.

I want to make a page with 3 columns, and when i see it on tablet (768px), i want to still see the 3 columns design, not the 1 column responsive.

Is that posiible?

Yes, that is possible using the column settings for each column. You’ll want to change the responsive settings (medium and small) to custom and change the percentage width for each to 33% so the 3 columns stick in each mobile size. Let me know how that goes!


Cool, i’ll try that.