columns within columns

I think I can only add modules to columns. But what do I do to get columns within columns? I am ux testing this with my brother, and he says he wants two buttons within a one_half column.

First I thought there would be an easy solution, but when I tried doing this with just the editor things got a little messy (another 3 column row: 50%, 25%,25% ; then using negative margin-top and negative margin-bottom to straighten it all out).

I think just allowing for columns within columns would make this issue way easier (i.e. user-friendly).

Could you guys help me out implementing something like this?

Hey Bob,

Thanks for contacting us! You are correct in that it is not possible to insert columns into columns. That ability may make working with a layout a bit complex, but I see where you are coming from so appreciate the feedback. Feel free to add your feature request here! At this point in time though, you’ll need to accomplish this using the process you mentioned which worked well for me as well.

Thanks again!