Compatibility with CPT plugins like Events Manager?

I’ve set the option to use Beaver Builder with my events CPT (Events Manager by Marcus Sykes), but I don’t seem to have any hotspots to drag my elements into (works fine on pages on the same site, Genesis theme) when I activate BB for an event. Any tricks? Or is it a lost cause? I am using a custom template for the events, but it didn’t work with the default template either.

Hey Valerie,

Welcome to the BB forums! I have already submitted a bug report for this. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I searched, but I guess I didn’t use the best terms.

Hi Valerie,

I looked into how the events plugin is rendering their content and it looks like they are taking over, so BB’s content is being overridden. There is a way that they could adjust their code so BB’s content would show, but then BB’s content would be overriding theirs. Unfortunately, it has to be one or the other in this case.

If you just need an “Events” custom post type, and don’t need all of their extras, you could try creating that with WP Types.

Sorry I don’t have a better answer!


Is it something in the way the content is rendered? Or how it’s being defined? When working with BB, I’m seeing the preview, which is using my custom template… so I could modify that. Their custom fields render separately from their content box, so perhaps I could filter that, or swap it out altogether via an action hook…

If not, I’ll just stick with manually styling the events. I really appreciate the help.

Hi Valerie,

Yes, that is correct. They are hooking into the_content filter the same as we are. Our runs first, creates the layout, then theirs runs, and overrides our layout with their content.

You could try removing their filter and then doing as you mentioned…

remove_filter('the_content', array('EM_Event_Post','the_content'));

Let me know how that goes.


Unfortunately the way they built their code, removing the filter removes all the the meta info too, can’t seem to figure out how to create my own filter instead. For the time being, as we’ve not got more than a handful of events per quarter, I’m not going to mess with it.

I really appreciate your help! Great product. Great support.

You’re welcome, Valerie!