Compatibility with HIDE THIS plugin

Don’t laugh but I manage a very simple membership style site using a plugin named “Hide This” in combination with other plugins to manage custom user roles.

Hide This operates by placing shortcode with options around the content you want to hide or show based on the user’s role.

My issue is that when I add this shortcode around content in the text editor module I cannot save, BB just spins forever. I do a page refresh and get back control of the BB page, but recent text changes were not saved.

I read a little in the forums about how this content restriction plugins can have issues due to how BB renders its pages.

Do you have any input the plugin I have been using, “Hide This.” Or do you have an alternate suggestion that you or other forum users have been successful with for restricting content based on custom user roles?

My overall requirements for restricting content is pretty simple, no commerce transaction or anything fancy like that.

Thanks as always,
Scott P

Hi Scott,

Thanks for reaching us. I’ve tried the plugin “Hide This” on my test site and it is working well. I could hide certain content from non logged in users and much more. Did you try it on other pages? or maybe try disabling all plugins except “BB plugin” and “Hide it plugin”. If that resolves the issue, reactivate each one individually until you find the cause.

Thank you.

Thank you for testing this out. I will follow your advise and do some more testing and let you know how that works out. Thanks!

The problem was a result of my hosts configuration. I discovered another strange occurence that seems to have been related to this one. Once I migrate my new site from development host to production (managed) host my problems have been resolved.

Thank you for your help!

Hey Scott,

Glad you got it resolved. Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: