Conditional Logic visibility and URL Variable

Hi! I’m trying to use conditional logic to show a module based on information in the URL, so I was try to use:
“URL Variable fwp_type equals workshop” so that a certain module will only show on url:

It doesn’t seem to be working, am I off base?
(first time trying this, can’t find any info in my searches)

There’s such a condition in Themer Conditional Logic, it should work:

Thanks for the reply Avanti, much appreciated!
I had been doing “[URL Variable] fwp_type [equals] workshop” and it actually does work. My problem turned out to be that I was expecting it to change based on on-page filters provided by FacetWP rather than page refresh with the new URL variable.

I exchanged the on-page facets for links to the URL variables so that the page refreshes and it works great now.