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Hi there,

Is it possible to add another field to the Contact Form. My client wants to include an “Address” field.



Hi Kay,

Our contact form module does not allow the option to add another field at this time. We would recommend using a contact form plugin such as Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms. Another we just learned of is WooRockets WR Contact Form. It’s pretty good and free of course!


Hi Billy,
New to WP and BB. Working to setup a website on the local machine and everything is going great, except that I can’t get the contact form to work. I tried Contact Form 7. And although it says ‘Successfully Sent’, I’m not receiving any e-mails. After a few hours of trying, I went back and tried the BB Contact form and realized that I’m not getting anything from that basic form either. How do I trouble shoot this so that I can hopefully get Contact Form 7 to work. And failing that, the basic BB Contract Form Module. Thank you!

Hi John,
Make sure that emails are being sent from your site generally.
(It may be a server configuration issue that you need to discuss with your hoster!)

To test this, go into the add new user form, fill it in including your email address and click the send password checkbox.
This should send an email to you, if it fails then your issue is not specific to Contact-7
If you do get it, then maybe there is some setting you missed when setting up Contact-7 (sorry I can’t help further with that, I am a Gravity Forms user!)
(But Google “contact 7 form not sending email”, there are lot of hits!)
HTH, Dave
ps: Don’t forget to remove the user after the test!