contact form "from email address" and "subject"


How do I change the default contact form “from email address” and the “subject”. Currently it is set to an email "" and the subject is “wordpress”.

Thanks in advance.

Hey Jason! Right now this isn’t possible, but I like the idea of being able to set a from address. We’ll definitely look into getting that in a future update. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi Robby,

Thanks for your response.

I usually would set the from email address to maybe something like "" and the subject line would be maybe “MyDomain Online Contact Form Request”.

Thanks again.


Jason, one quick question. The subject should read “Contact Form Submission.” Can you double check that the subject is WordPress? I am wondering if your mail client is actually showing the first name and not the subject there…?

Hi Robby,

I’m showing the subject line to allow the web visitor include a subject and it does work. But you are correct if the subject is hidden from the contact form the subject reads “Contact Form Submission”.

Jason Kline

Okay, cool! Thanks for checking.

I think adding a from email to the contact form would be a good feature, we’ll definitely get that in a future update ASAP. Thanks again for the suggestion.

We’ve just encountered a similar issue - we need to change the sender address and subject field ideally.

To gain this functionality we’ll have to use Contact Form 7 for now, but we look forward to seeing this in an update for BB soon!

Is there any chance of a CAPTCHA system being made available for the contact form? We’d ideally like to prevent spam for our BB sites.

Thanks for the suggestions, Geoff. We’ll certainly keep this in mind for a future update!

Still no news on this?

Some of my clients are really not IT experts and automatically try to use the Reply function and that leads to an automated error message from the server which causes a lot of confusion.

Hi Hannu. We’re actually working on an update to the contact form module right now. It should be out soon. Possibly in the next update!

I have a similar need for customizing the contact form; I have different locations listed on my site, and I want to use the contact form on each location, but customize the hidden subject line with the name of the location, so we can identify which page the contact form was submitted on and route accordingly. Has this been updated yet? thanks for the help!

Hi! We’ve got the contact form update on the way! It’s going to be in our beta this week.

We’re not adding a feature to set a hidden subject, though. I am sorry.

You’ll probably want to look into overriding the contact form module in your theme. There’s info on how to do that in our custom modules docs: