Contact Form "Your Message" Box

Whenever I set the text color of a row and then place a contact form inside, the text color of the “Your Message” box takes on the text color of that row…then I have to fix via CSS.

Is this a bug in the contact form CSS?

So, in this screen shot:

The row text color is White, that way the labels are white.

However, the text I have typed into the “Your Message” field is also white (notice the red line under the jumbled text I typed in). The other fields are an acceptable black-ish color.


Interesting, thanks for the heads-up, we’ll have to look into that!


same problem, is there a solution to this yet, as its an extremely time consuming problem

Hey Matthew,

Which version are you on? This was a pretty old issue and I’m pretty sure it’s been resolved at this point. Give the latest version a shot and let me know how it goes! Also, make sure to look at your row text color settings to make sure the conflict isn’t with some of the built in settings.


I’m having the same problem with this on the contact form. I have my row text color set to white because it has a dark background and I want it to be white. When I type in the box under “Name” it shows up as #808080 (grey), same under “Email.” But when I type in the “Your Message” box it switches to white text. Why does this box inherit the row text color but the others don’t? I am running the latest versions of WP (4.3.1) and BeaverBuilder (

Answered here -

Just a head’s up…my issue was corrected in another thready by Ben.