Contact Module Not Sending Email


I am having trouble with the contact module. It is not sending emails out when the send to email address is an email that has the domain name at the end like [email protected]. It works when I add an external gmail or yahoo address for example but not one that is tied to the domain name. I can grant you access to an account if you would like to take a look


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Hey Cody,

Where are you hosting the website? I had a similar problem on a client site awhile back.

The issue was because they were using Google Apps to handle their email, but Apache was configured to use the local mail server. Basically, Apache was using the webserver’s mail server to send mail to itself, but because the domain email was setup through Google Apps the mail never got there. My client’s site was hosted on GoDaddy, so if that’s the issue I can walk you through how to fix it there. Let me know.

Hey bobby I am hosting it with media temple who is owned by Godaddy. I am hosting it on one of their DV servers.

I register the domains through godaddy, and these emails that are not working are on godaddy’s IMAP email system. I am using Godaddy to manage the DNS and only pointing my A record to my server with media temple

Okay! If I were a betting man, I would bet that this is the issue.

Unfortunately, we’re using native WordPress send mail functions, so this is likely a server configuration issue. I tried to look up the setting I changed, but I can’t find it.

I would recommend contacting Media Temple’s support, that’s what I had to do with my client site. They should be able to help get this resolved.