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Hey there, the issue I am running into is when I’m in page builder, the content I have added is correct but when I publish it the changes are reflected. I have cleared the cache in all places possible, and have not added any new plugins that may cause conflict.
To get through the password gate you can use the following.
Username: flywheel
Password: cybersprout

Keep in mind this is only to see the front end, not a wordpress account.


Hi Tyler,

Would it be possible for you to record the issue so we can see exactly what you’re encountering and also provide temp admin access, please?


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Hey Tyler,

It seems the layout.css file that’s being loaded on the frontend is still an older version? I compared the CSS contents of the layout settings of that page and they’re different, e.g., on the frontend, the first CSS line is button:hover but on the your layout settings, it’s .fl-row-fixed-width. Chances are, the frontend is still loading a cached version of the layout.css file. Can you check if there’s a server side caching set up on your site? Perhaps disable CF as well and see if it makes a difference?


Thanks Ben,
I’ve flushed the cache on the hosting side as well as cleared the cache in beaver builder, still unfortunately the same result.

Hey Tyler,

So the problem here was with the custom CSS you had under Global Settings. There was a media query without a closing bracket which broke all of the CSS codes after it. Can you check on your end and verify?


Working on my end now. Thanks so much for the help!

Awesome! And no worries at all. :slight_smile:

Enjoy BB!