Content Invisible From Draft

Hey guys, first of all, I just wanted to say that this was my first time buying such an expensive plugin. It was a rocky start, but I am so glad I did it. This plugin is amazing, and thanks to the team for replying to my emails.

Now that I am more familiar with the forums, I wanted to ask about a problem that I experienced. These are the steps that I took.

  1. Create a new post.
  2. Add content.
  3. Save draft.
  4. The entire page becomes blank. It is as if I went back to step one. If I publish, I can see the content. But not in the draft.
  5. If I add in another content field, then everything shows up. But only if I add it. Not if I drag the content box into the page, then “cancel”.
  6. After adding the new content field, I can go back to step 2.

I was wondering if you guys can also replicate the error on your end, and can give me some advice. I would rather not add in content that I do not need every time, as I have an image-heavy blog.

Thanks in advance!

Hey Disconnect,

Welcome to The Beaver Builder Community! It is normal behavior for a page builder draft to be invisible to the WordPress editor. A page builder draft is only visible via the page builder itself. A stripped version of the layout will only be transferred to the WordPress editor when you publish the page builder layout. More information of that here.

Hope this helps!


Hey Ben,

Yes. I was talking about this only for the Beaver Builder itself. I never used the Wordpress editor after installing beaver builder.

Hey Disconnect,

I’d like to add another thing, when you click on Save Draft, you will immediately be transferred to the page layout, which will be blank since you haven’t published the page. You have to click on the page builder again right on the top to go back to the page builder. I guess that was the problem you were experiencing.


Ahh, ok. Got it. Yes! That solved part of the problem.

So what I did was save the draft, and I clicked on “Page Builder”. Then after loading, I can see some of the content.

So, I added a “call to action” box in addition to the current content. Added the header and text and image. Save it, save the draft. Went to the page layout. I clicked on “Page Builder”. The other content were there. I had to add in another “call to action” box for the one I added in to appear. Then when I canceled it, it disappeared again. If I saved it, the previous “call to action” would appear.

Does this happen on your end as well?

Thanks again for your continued help!

Hey Disconnect,

I never really am a fan of using drafts, I usually just publish the page once I’m done creating them. The problem right now is when you save the draft, you get redirected to the page layout itself which is blank since we just saved a draft, making it a bit confusing. I am going to talk to the other members of the team and see if it’s possible/easy enough to make it not redirect to the page layout when saving a draft.

Regarding your question, you shouldn’t need to add another CTA box for the other one to appear, it should just appear immediately when you click on the page builder. It could have been a browser cache issue? Or maybe another caching plugin is in place?