Content not appearing when editing on Tab Module

Hello. I have a page that is using BB Plugin and BB Theme. After I’ve created the initial layout with the Tab Module and added the content, I don’t see the saved content when I go back to edit the page at a later time. The details to the page are below. I will respond with a login so you can see for yourself. I have disabled all the other plugins as well.

Browser: Chrome 48.0.2564.116
BB Plugin (Pro Version): 1.7.5
BB Theme: 1.4
Wordpress: 4.4.2

Password to page: gopanthers

[Content Hidden]

Hi Aaron,

I logged into your site and could see the content in the Tabs module -

I also opened the page builder and the content remained. I then went to edit the Tabs module and browsed each of the tabs, the content was still present. Therefore, as the issue been resolved?


Hi Danny,

Unfortunately no. I’ve recorded my steps to recreate. Please see video below:


Hey Aaron,

It seems the problem only happens when you use the <wbr> tag. I mean the tag itself is fine, just when you save the page, the Text Editor automatically changes it to <wbr /> and that’s when it breaks.

I’ve made a test page on your site entitled BB Test Page(same password as above), copied the contents for the Jazz Ensemble tab and removed the <wbr> tag and it works fine. I did notice the same tag can be found on the PHS Band but I can’t recreate the contents 100% since it contained embedded media. I simply removed those embedded media as well as those <wbr> tags and it works fine. Can you check and on your end to verify?


Hi Ben,

That seems to do it! I created a page by itself with the same HTML for Jazz Ensemble and it worked fine. It seems to be that when its embedded in the Tab Module that tag messes things up.

I the tag appears in a link I copied directly from my Gmail so maybe Gmail inserted that tag when I copied it over.

Thank you again. You can mark this as resolved.


Hi Aaron,

Happy to hear your issue has been resolved and thanks for informing us, we appreciate it.