Content on Blog Posts

Hi Beaver Builders

My client wants to show Job Ads on a Blog page.

He wants to include 4 jobs per page and include as much text in each job ad as possible.

I have set up a page using the Posts Carousel, but I need to include much more text before the “Read More” link.

Is this possible?

Really appreciate your help.

BTW I’m using the Beaver theme and Beaver Plugin - its all I ever use!!


Hi Kay,

Thanks for getting in touch! You can configure the Post Carousel to show content above the read more button by setting Content to show under Layout. The length of the content that is shown in there is controlled by WP excerpt which you can change by putting the code below in your functions.php(appearance > editor > theme functions).

function my_excerpt_length($length) {
  return 20; // Change to your desired length
add_filter('excerpt_length', 'my_excerpt_length');


Thanks Jun, do I add this to the child theme files?


Hi Kay,

Yes, you add that snippet of code to your child themes functions.php file.