Content Slider add Class

Hello guys, just need help, is there a way we can add individual class on content slider slide? and add an option were we can hide slide. For example, I have 5 slides on a content slider each slide has a unique design, I want to add a class on the 4 slide since 1 slide is default styling. And now i want only 3 slide to show, the 2 slide will be shown later. Is that possible?


If you know the slides position in the slider, you can simply target them in CSS using :nth-child

Also, to hide specific post in the slider, you can use the posts filter in the module’s Advanced tab to exclude some posts.

:nth-child is the best option for this current development, for some reason client will be changing the slide, moving up and down, and they are asking to hide a specific slide as well. Hoping that makes sense.

Yes, :nth-child is often a weak option with dynamic contents.

I thought of another option which would require a slider module with a custom layout feature like PowerPack Content Grid in carousel mode.
In the custom layout, you could add a wrapper around your post data and a dynamic class on this wrapper, based on a post’s custom field.
This way, you could target the proper posts.

Something like that in the Content Grid module’s custom layout:

<div class="[wpbb post:custom_field key='my-class']">
    here the post data

Ah, but it requires Themer too.

I haven’t tried using the Powerpack for BB, maybe i could dig on dipper on this, this could very helpful for our development.

Thanks Emman…

Is the standard or Pro can modify on this?

Sorry, do you mean BB Standard or Pro?
Or PowerPack maybe?
Can modify what…? Sorry, i don’t really understand. :wink:

To do what i suggest, you need:
• Beaver Builder (paid, to run Themer)
• Beaver Themer
• PowerPack (paid i suppose)

make sense now Emman, That what I’m thinking though… and now thinking, is it possible without Beaver Themer?

Yes, if PP custom layout works without Themer (and i don’t see why it wouldn’t), it might be possible to dynamically insert the class with a (free) plugin like Custom Content Shortcode:

<div class="[field my-class]">
    here the post data

But, hmm, you will also have to insert the post data in the custom layout with CCS instead of Themer shortcodes.
Which is possible too.

Okay Emman, I will definitely explore on this, this helps a lot… Thank you.

I wanted to be sure and have just tested: sorry to tell you that PowerPack custom layout doesn’t work without Beaver Themer (nor BB custom layout in Posts module…).
It seems to be a feature powered by Themer, so, not a chance to achieve this without Themer…

Here’s another option: building a slider with a custom layout using Slick Slider (JS).

But it sounds a bit tricky, you would have to build the posts query first (CCS can) then apply Slick Slider’s on the HTML output.

Yes, it’s possible to make it by hand with CCS, Slick Slider and some CSS.
See here:
A custom layout, no BB Posts slider nor BB 3rd party addon, no Themer.
In the custom layout, one can grab the post custom field and add it as a custom class to the post.