Content slider Arrows Disappear in Firefox and IE

We just recently updated to the latest version of BB and noticed that the slider arrows are disappearing in Firefox and IE. Wordpress and all plugins used are up-to-date. Have you had any other reports on this or have any ideas on what might be the culprit. I’ve tried disabling all plugins first to rule that out. Any thoughts would be extremely appreciated.

The test site is at:


Thought I’d update this thread to let you know we at least solved the issue for the time being in FireFox and IE. The problem was related to the fact that after the latest update, the content slider was causing some z-index issues. The navigation arrows were being covered up by slide’s photo background. The other thing we noticed was that the submenus were being covered up by the slider also. We fixed the issue for now by adding a z-index of 100 to the nav arrows and the submenus. That seemed to correct things in FF and IE. Not sure what is the heart of the issue yet. Any other thoughts always welcome…

Hi Coppeata,

What setting are you using? As, I have just this moment added a photo to the Content slider and I am not seeing any issue with the navigation arrows on FF.