Content Slider bug from going from desktop to mobile and row set to only mobile

I’m getting a bug on the latest version, multiple browsers with the content slider when using images in each slide.

To replicate:

  • set the row to show only on mobile/small devices
  • add content slider with images (not sure if its only with images)
  • publish
  • view page in desktop/large. slider should not appear
  • drag width to mobile/small size. slider should appear, but sometimes doesn’t and throws a javascript error. sometimes it does show but still broken.
  • refresh the page in mobile/small and it will work as intended.

Thats kind of expected when you think about it, the css and js will not be loaded for the slider that is set to mobile when you are in desktop size. if you view the site on mobile the mobile slider will be there.

There is no such monitor that i know of where you can squeeze it down to a mobile :wink:

Thanks for the reply. so when an element is set to show only in mobile, the corresponding styles and scripts are not even loaded if the view starts out in another viewpoint?

right, the styles use media queries to only load for the size it needs too, otherwise you’ll be loading scripts and styles for all sizes all the time.