Content Slider - External Links and External Call To Action Links do not work

Hi folks. New site - just added the content slider and noticed external links are not working at all. They don’t work if I insert into the copy directly (doing a text + photo slider) and they don’t work if I add a call to action link either.

I have the Uptown Style theme if that helps. Any help is appreciated.

Here’s an example of one of the external links in the code on the slider (using call to action):

It seems to be adding the link twice with [ and ( around the link? I haven’t altered the code, just used the content slider plug in tool.

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What version of BB are you using?

hi, was just coming to update. I didn’t realized Wordpress set up with an older version of BB. We updated it and it fixed it. Thanks!

Ok good to hear! Thanks for updating us!

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