Content Slider is not working as expected.

I currently work on a team that uses your product to create pages for our intranet WordPress sites. We are using/testing your product in our staging environment and have encountered an issue with a core behavior that was not apparent before.

Once a user create a template, or insert a template that uses the content slider module the core functionality of how the image is referenced does not react the same in the Content Slider Module as it does in other modules tested.
For example the content slider modules’ default images or images used for the template displays on initial insertion of the template.

Once you choose a slide, then click to go to modify the image but choose not to modify the image and just click save (instead cancel) then upon returning back to the previous dialog box where you can add sliders.

In the background preview you see and/or if you save this module which then exits the editor dialog box that slider image reference disappears.
–Currently this behavior only happens in the content slider. –
The other modules tested work as expected retaining the image regardless if you choose to not add a local image reference and click save or cancel.

I am currently working to find a resolution to this issue so could you please CC Amar Brisco @ [email redacted] once a resolution has been found thanks.

Hi John,

Is it possible for you to record yourself performing these actions, please? So we can see exactly what you’re referring to.


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OK this is Amar BTW, I can record the video but I can’t share the video because it is being recorded by internal methods. What I will do is finish recording the video for this case and I will see what my manager’s approve how to expose this video so your team see what the issue is.

Sounds like a plan, Amar! Let us know how it goes!


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Hey Amar,

I’ve gone ahead and filed a bug report so our lead dev can check. Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile:


Thanks Ben

Oh BTW will there be a fix soon for this, I need to add a status update to my managers of when this will be fixed. If not a fix a good work around until the fix has been added to another release.

Thanks again Ben and Danny.

Hey John,

We have already fixed this on our end and it should be available on the next maintenance patch. If you want, you can share FTP access and I could apply the fix to your site ahead of time.


Great thanks Ben, it is Amar still. How can we just get the changes and just apply them directly until the patch is released. I don’t have a public FTP access point unless you send the plugin via email or dropbox.

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Great thanks Danny, I will add this now and see if this works.

Hello Amar again, tested it and the results are as follows:
1st step - (following the same steps as in the video) screen 1 select to edit the image.
2nd step - screen 2 do not modify image, save and the users saves the screen goes white.
3rd step - screen 1 the image only reverts back to the preview mode images if the users cancels. 4th step - User saves the that image that displays in edit mode now goes blank.

So Danny or Ben, I think some progress has been made in resolving this issue but the Content slider still does not work like the other modules when saving if the users adds no images and repeats the steps as in the video.

I think the issue now is more with the save or cancel action on event. Both should render the default images if the user does not specific a selection of a image.

If you need more details and I need to do another video please let me know. Thanks.

Hey Amar,

Sorry, but can you share the URL of the site in question along with temp admin access so we can take a look?


Thanks Ben,

The sites and the materials are internal sites so I would not be able to provide ant temp access. I can provide a video again display the steps which would just illustrate the message I explained above.

Hey Amar,

We have just released version 1.7.7 of the plugin which should contain the fix for this issue. Can you instead update to that version, flush the BB cache, and see if you get the same problem?


Ok Ben, great let me try this and I will respond back.

Thanks Amar