Content slider issue

Strange problem with the content slider – if you only have 1 slide, on mobile if you swipe the slide (since bxslider creates a clone of the slide) you are no longer able to scroll if you attempt to swipe on top of the slider. I believe this is a bxslider issue, while in the mobile device mode on chrome, after scrolling around a bit this message pops up “Ignored attempt to cancel a touchmove event with cancelable=false, for example because scrolling is in progress and cannot be interrupted.”

Anywho I was able to solve the problem by wrapping the slider var in frontend.js.php with

// Store a reference to the slider.
		var numberOfImages = $('.fl-node-<?php echo $id; ?> .fl-content-slider .fl-slide').length;

		if( numberOfImages > 1 ) {

Hello Josh,

I tried it on my Android phone as well as on my Chrome here on mobile device mode but I can’t seem to recreate the issue. I tried making the image as a background as well as a content but same thing.


[Content Hidden]

Hey Josh,

I can easily recreate the problem on your site, be it on the Chrome mobile device more or on my Android phone. I tried replicating the content of your content slider, even changed my image on mobile view, but I don’t get the issue be it on my local or on a live test site. Would it be possible for you to try the plugin deactivation route, i.e., deactivating all plugins except BB. If the problem is gone, try reactivating the plugins one by one and see if you find the culprit.


I just remade the module and it seems to be fixed now. Thanks.