Content Slider links not working

I’m working on a site that has a content slider on the home page. For some reason the call to action links do not work on Google Chrome. They act like buttons, and will show the link on hover, but won’t do anything when they are clicked on.

I removed all of my custom styles, which didn’t change anything. I’ve added regular links instead of call-to-action, moved the text to the other side, tried image and text instead of background image…nothing seems to get these links to work.

They do work on mobile and on Microsoft Edge.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Unfortunately, it’s a known bug with BX Slider (BB Posts slider’s motor) and Chrome, unfixed since 3 months:

As a workaround, i replaced BB Posts slider by PowerPack Content Grid in carousel mode.

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Thank you Avanti. I appreciate your response. I also received a response from a Beaver Builder professional stating the following:

"Starting with Chrome 73, the links stopped working for everyone on any device. This is due to a conflict with Chrome 73+ and the script we use for the slider (bxslider). Unfortunately, the developer of bxslider has not come up with a solution.

Therefore, we implemented our own fix - the good is that it works for most everyone. The bad is that on touch enabled desktops and laptops, it only works with touch, not clicking. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a better solution developed yet so that it can work with clicking on touch enabled devices."

Hopefully they will have a solution in the near future.