Content Window missing Saved tab

Newbie to Beaver Builder - so hi!

Have taken over the maintenance of a site built with BB, and Ive created a Global Modal PopUp with PowerPack adding. The modal pop up works fine on the page I developed it, and It shows in the BB admin area, but it does not show anywhere in the Add content Window which only shows tabs for Modules and Rows - and I believe should be showing a tab called Saved. This is what I see:

I wonder if anyone has an idea why it’s missing?



The Saved modules should appear when you click on Standard Modules. If you don’t see that option I recommend making sure Beaver Builder and PowerPack are up-to-date. If they’re then try disabling all plugins except for BB and see if the issue persists.

If it does, then contact our helpdesk and one of our team can take a closer look.