| couple of aesthetic considerations

Hello BB support crew, hope you had a good weekend.

I have started working with BB a bit more and can see what a valuable time-saving tool it is. Worth every penny, 5/5.

With that, my website under construction is: http://www.themusics.org

You’ll notice my 3 callouts midpage. I don’t want any to have titles - looking at my hand drawn, I’m planning on using 11 of them, all with out titles, and all without calls to action. Is this possible? I want them animated.

Another small detail, is there a way to use small caps? For the titles (contact us), I’d quite like that.

Finally, If I were to replace that big black and white theme generated image with a Row with an image inside it, is there a snippet of code I can apply to make the image full width? Would you happen to know a tutorial where I can find that info - I know it’s not part of your support but a keyword/link to knowledge base would be really helpful :slight_smile:


Hey Aabarker,

It’s nice to hear from you again! Sorry but I can’t seem to visit your site. The Call to Actions on our Callout modules can be left blank but not the Headings/Titles. You can still hide them though via Custom CSS. If you want them hidden all throughout the site, you can use this CSS snippet.

body .fl-callout-title {
    display: none;

Again, I can’t visit your site so I can’t tell what class to target but you can use the font-variant property to implement small caps on all your titles.

Same as above, I can’t see the site but you can always set our rows to Full Width as well as its content. Doing so, you can set the image as a background to the row or you can just use the Photo module. Check the screenshot below.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Ben.

Perhaps I’ll focus on the main content before the aesthetic minute… as an aside, I am very unhappy with justhost! But I hear it’s very difficult to switch away from them.

That snippet should do the trick.


Hey Adam,

No worries! Let us know if you need anything further! :slight_smile: