Create a job board

My client would like a job board on their site, where users can filter job postings by location, type, etc. I currently have their jobs listed as Posts, but haven’t found a way for users to filter them. I tried WP Job Openings, but there’s no option to convert to BB. I see WP Job Manager is not compatible with BB, unless you add code to the functions.php file in the child theme. I use Flywheel for hosting, so I don’t have access to the backend files of BB Theme.

Any recommendations on what I can do?

Thank you,


Any help whatsoever would be great. Any recommendations on either a Job Board plugin that works with Beaver Builder, or an alternative solution to creating one?

Is there anyone that knows anything about a job board plugin that works with Beaver Builder?

Hey Vince! I know it’s been a minute since you posted this, but I’m new here and just stumbled upon your question. Have you considered using a plugin like WP Job Board or Simple Job Board? They both have filtering options for location, type, etc., and are compatible with most WordPress themes.