create default post layout with BB plugin?

Hi all,

Is it possible to create a layout for blog posts that would override the wordpress default for individual posts? I found the thread on changing the blog page, but would love to use the page builder to create the post layout(s).

I am using genesis, dynamik, and BB plugin.



Unfortunately, the BB page builder will only allows you to add/edit modules in the post content area. You will not be able to use the Page Builder to create a unique single post layout.

If you wish to do this you will need to use our shortcode functionality and use a child theme, then add and edit the single.php file.


Thanks for the reply… Any chance there’s a tutorial on doing what you suggested? This would be a great function to add to Beaver Builder.

Hey Test Pattern,

We do have plans to incorporate something similar, i.e., to be able to edit the header/footer section using the BB plugin. But that’s still in the works and we’ve no ETA as to when it will be available.

What Danny suggested above, requires PHP/WP core function knowledge. There isn’t really a tutorial for it as the single.php that needs to be edited is different per theme.


This would be a nice feature for building landing pages.

Hey Adam,

For landing pages, you can make use of the No Header/Footer layout. This allows you to design the entire page using just the page builder. :slight_smile: