CREATE NEW PAGE / ADD Modules Text or Heading - Show a empty popup window Content

I can add modules to a new page, but the a click on a element to change styles or tabs, the popup is opening with a empty content and this error on FLBuilderColorPicker

“Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘length’)” on line 1 of plugins/bb-plugin/js/fl-builder.min.js?ver=
fl-builder.min.js?ver= TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘length’)
at FLBuilderColorPicker._buildPresetsUI (fl-builder.min.js:1:10777)
at FLBuilderColorPicker._init (fl-builder.min.js:1:7778)
at new FLBuilderColorPicker (fl-builder.min.js:1:5748)
at Object._initColorPickers (fl-builder.min.js:1:159336)
at Object._initSettingsForms (fl-builder.min.js:1:130275)
at Object. (fl-builder.min.js:7:1860)
fl-builder.min.js?ver= ************************************************************************

Last version

Try using the latest version, if that fails feel free to open a ticket with support.