Creating New Page With Layout Applied

I’m creating a plugin to to programatically create a new pages when activated. That’s the easy part.

I want the pages to have an existing layout template we have already created applied to this new page. So what I’ve done is created a new template file and on activation applied that template file to that page. Sounds easy, but that’s still the easy part.

What I’m having trouble with is applying the actual layout template.

I’ve tried using a shortcode, it works, but… the page is not editable in Beaver Builder.
I’ve tried using…

FLBuilder::render_query( array(
				'p' => 1038,
				'post_type' => 'fl-builder-template'));

But again technically shows the layout, but the page is not editable.

How can I create page with an applied BB layout template and when the user clicks on the page and clicks on the builder, they can edit the page?

Thoughts, ideas?

Thank you.

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