CSS causing menu not to load due to incorrect link


I’ve had an issue with the mobile toggle menu not working. It does eventually but only when the page loads it is only happening on the homepage. I have identified that the homepage is taking ages to load due to an image not being available. I have switched off the Beaver Plugin and everything works fine.

When I have debugged the site I have got the following message Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT about-header.jpg

This image isn’t on the page in question and it is being called for from the 95-layout.css?ver=574f82cf88d2c2bb2287bee297831a81

The link in question is this:
{background-image: url(

This image isn’t on the site and the link is to the staging server which we have now moved from. I have cleared the cache and deleted it manually but it keeps on being created with this link in it. I have searched through to see if I can find this image anywhere and just can’t find it. I also can’t work out where the CSS files are located so I can remove them manually or are these just created dynamically.

The website address is thetilershub.co.uk

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You used that image as a column background image, so you need to find that column and unset the image.

Pross is correct… that background image is specified in this column. That can often happen when you use a template for the row/column, and when the template was built it used a background image for demo purposes. It’s very easy to miss.

Thanks for your help with this Pross and Normsim6257. That was my initial thoughts so searched all over for the column containing that background image and removed it from that column but it didn’t make a difference. I couldn’t find it in the HTML on that page which is why I was looking for the CSS file, to update that directly. I’ve attached a screenshot of where I’m going to remove the image / add background images in case I’m missing something.

FYI I’ve deleted the column and recreated it and that is definitely where the issue is so it is fixed. However I am wanting to learn whether I have missed something or I’m going to the wrong place to remove the background image.