CSS File Versioning [Cache Issue]

Is it possible to bump the layout.css version progromatically? When we make changes to the layout this file is getting cached so the page looks broken to people who have visited the page before.


the layout files always have a version string, its the md5sum() of the file so its always different, if your has no version then you are removing it.

Thanks for responding!

Inherited site and first-time experience with beaver builder.

Are you saying the loaded CSS for the page should be more like:

If so, there is nothing in the functions.php file that could be overriding this. I’ve disabled all caching on the site as well and cleared the existing cache.

What should I look at or read to identify what is removing the proper version string?

It’ll probably be either some sort of cache plugin, or some sort of “optimiser”. Certainly isnt WP core or bb plugin, we wouldnt do anything like that.

Did the WordPress disable and re-enable plugin dance and traced the issue down to a plugin called Theme Editor.

Posting for the off-chance that this helps someone in the future.