CSS help for pseudo classes (marker vs. before)

Hi there,

I have a page that has a custom bullet (list item image) on one page in a text editor - Our Favorite Swag, Tech Tools, and Gadgets | friEdTechnology. Note the yellow images, and the fact that they use ::before as the pseudo class. I did not give that class; that class was just there when I created the bulleted list. All is working great with this page…I’m sharing it as an example. In addition to the CSS to place the custom bullet, I also have {list-style-type: none;} set.

On a different page (actually, a custom post type - Beyond Worksheets: Question Slips – friEdTechnology), however, I have a custom bullet in the post content area. I set the same image to be used as the bullet, but the pseudo class is ::marker (not ::before). Two things are happening: (1) I am not able to style the bullet image like I could on the page above. It’s there, but I’d love to move it down 2px. (2) The bullets/images are not showing up on mobile, despite clearing the site cache and browser cache.

I would greatly appreciate some help on this. Thank you so much!!