CSS Selector not working as expected

Please see

I would like to apply a rounded corner style to the column that holds the form, so in the BB column settings I’ve added a class “main-form”. Then in the styles.css for this site I’ve added the CSS in the #main-form section.

However this “main-form” div seems to be only a wrapper for the target area. What is the correct selector?

Hi Doug,

Can you try the following, please and let me know if this is resolves your issue.

.main-form .fl-col-content {
    border-radius: 12px;


Thank you, this worked. However this is one of the things that makes BB unintuitive: I applied background color and border color to the column, so I would expect a css class applied to this column to work without an additional selector. The help ‘?’ next to the CSS Class field even states that this “class will be applied to this column’s html”.