Custom archive page layout for displaying only top 5 values

Hello BB team,

I am making an archive page for a custom post type with custom fields from metabox plugin.

The custom fields contain a number as value.

For each post, I am planning to have 10 custom fields, hence 10 numbers corresponding to them.


laser 1: 10%

laser 2: 20%

laser 3: 32%

laser 4: 55%

laser 5: 80%

laser 6: 18%

laser 7: 5%

laser 8: 0%

laser 9: 0%

laser 10: 0%

in this example, laser 1,2,3 etc… will be typed manually and percentages will be called from metabox by inserting.

In each post, the percentages vary.

What I want to achieve is, only the fields which contain the highest percentages to be displayed in the archive page layout for each post.

I am not a coder hence requesting your help to do so.

The current empty template I am pasting for archive page.

Kindly fill it.

Thanks and regards


[wpbb-if post:featured_image]

[wpbb post:featured_image size=“large” display=“tag” linked=“yes”]


[wpbb post:link text="title"]

[wpbb post:link text=“custom” custom_text=“

Hi Saradhi,

The Beaver Themer field connection conditionals don’t support show highest value. Therefore, to add this functionality you will need to use custom code. The link below may be helpful.