Custom CSS not working for themer module

Hello! So I have set up a woocommerce site for the purpose of creating something for a portfolio. I am using the themer to build the products pages and the modules do not give you many options so I am trying to write custom css through the beaver builder editor in order to edit some of the classes that I setup for the modules. I added text-align: left to the price module on the pages with singular products but it is not taking effect. I cleared cache, still no effect. Is there a way to get this to read? Is something else taking precedence over custom css setup in themer modules? Thanks in advance for any help. One of the pages is located here if you would like to look:

Can you share what CSS you have used, please. Also, I am not seeing any text-align: left; on the Pricing module.

However, the price is already aligned to the left. :slight_smile: