Custom CSS Question

HTML / CSS is not my strong suite. I’ve done some simple CSS changes, but nothing extensive. I am using the info list module from Ultimate Beaver, and I would like the background color of list items to change on hover. If you could provide any assistance I would be greatly appreciative.

Give this a try. (Depending on which layout you are using for your items, you may want to add some padding to .uabb-info-list-content-wrapper)

.fl-module-info-list .uabb-info-list-wrapper .uabb-info-list-item .uabb-info-list-content-wrapper:hover,
.fl-module-info-list .uabb-info-list-wrapper .uabb-info-list-item .uabb-info-list-content-wrapper:focus {
	background: #EEEEFB;
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So that response was waaaaay quicker than I expected, and it worked like a charm (with the suggested additional padding). Thank you!

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